Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hey, Hey...Life In The Dreamhouse!!

After the LEGO store opening we went straight to Ga-Ga's house. I put LEGO's together and then we ate lunch. Then it was off to Garage Sales! Jack had been asking when we were going to go Garage Saling with Ga-Ga again and this was something that we had on our summer bucket list. Of course I didn't think that the LEGO store opening would be the same day so I thought the kids would have their own spending money. It's always easier when they have their own money because then they are more choosy with what they want since they are spending their money! Of course I wasn't going to cancel our fun so I figured they would each just get a couple things. 

The first garage sale we stopped at we found lots of treasures. Ella got this cute Sophia Tea Party game, an umbrella and a pair of white dress shoes. Owen got 3 Angry Birds Sets, a few pairs of shorts and a Seahawk hoodie, Jack got 2 Ninja Turtle masks and their weapons and a bag full of animals, Zeke got some Toy Story dominoes and a Lightning McQueen car. 

The next garage sale we went to was in neighborhood sale. Love those! The first thing I saw was this Barbie house, but I didn't say anything. Of course Ella saw it too and she just had to have it. Ga-Ga bought it for her of course. The funny thing was it was too big to fit in Ga-Ga's Aspen. So we took the all the accessories with us and then came back in my van to pick it up. 

The girl was only selling it was $20 which is really a steal. It originally costs over $100 and you have to put it together. I had actually researched this house last year and that was the biggest complaint....the instructions were horrible so putting it together was a pain in the tushy! When the guy was putting it in my van he even said that holding it brought back memories of putting it together. It took him hours! 

I love that Jack enjoys playing with Ella! 

It's in great shape and has most of the accessories...I think we are missing one dining room chair. Nothing is broken either. The elevator wasn't going all the way to the top so we watched a YouTube video and Michael figured out how to fix it so now it's working perfectly! 

This thing is huge! It's the same height as Ella! Saturday I spent the whole day reorganizing both playrooms. I had been needing to do it anyway so this was a good push for me to get it done. It was a LOT of work, but the Barbie Dreamhouse now has it's own little corner! 

On Saturday before we left to go garage saling I noticed that my mom's neighbors had set some stuff out by the curb. I asked mom what that was about and she said that in their neighborhood if someone does that it means it's free. So I checked it out and found these cool stack-able containers in girly colors. So I snatched right up...not really knowing what I'd use them for, but I'm not going to pass up free storage! Later when I got home I realized that they matched the Dreamhouse perfectly...light pink, dark pink and purple. So now that's where all of Ella's Barbie dolls, clothes, car and pool are stored! She got a pretty good set up I'd say!

In all we only went to 5 garage sales and we found lots of fun stuff. Another thing crossed off the summer bucket list!