Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LEGO Store Grand Opening!

On Friday we had plans to go Garage Saling with Ga-Ga, but then Ms. Kim let me know that that was the morning the LEGO store was opening up in Southcenter. So I let Ga-Ga know that we were going to be down a bit later so we could be there for this momentous occasion! :) 

The weekend before this we had a garage sale at my SIL Becky's house. Ga-Ga said she would divide the money she made between all 4 kids. The whole garage sale was Owen's idea since he really wanted to sell lemonade...so Ga-Ga gave him a higher percentage of her profits. I can't believe I didn't take one picture of Owen selling lemonade. He did great! He's a very persistent child so he's great for sales! All in all he made $17.75!  

Between his garage sale money, the little money he had left in his piggy bank and the money from Ga-Ga he was able to get a $40 LEGO set. He chose this construction set solely because it came with dynamite! I love this kid! 

This week it was Jack's turn to work hard to save money. He had a bunch of money from his birthday, but he spent it on a knock off LEGO set last month. He worked though and between his money from Ga-Ga and what he saved up he had $18.80 spend. The set he wanted was $19.99 though so I spotted him a couple dollars! 

Between the money Ella had in her piggy bank and the money Ga-Ga gave her she had $20 which was just enough to get her LEGO set. I LOVE all the new Disney girl LEGO sets! Love them!!! Ella chose the Jasmine set. I think she has every set on her Amazon wishlist! Of course later that day at Ga-Ga's she lost Jasmine's hair! I checked online to see if I could order it, but it's out of stock right now! 

Zeke actually had the most money saved up since he still had all his birthday money. He was able to pay for his $20 Duplo set no problem. He loves Duplos and I love that he loves Duplos. They are so big and they feel so cool in your hands. They are seriously expensive though for the amount of blocks you actually get! Of course it was love at first sight once he saw this plane!!! 

It was a fun way to spend our morning. There is something about the excitement of waiting in line with friends...anticipation I guess! We ended up seeing a few other people we knew there as well. Since it was opening day they had some specials going on...we got a free mini set of an astronaut driving around on the space rover and we also got a grand opening kids t-shirt with the Hulk on it. The real fun for me was later at Ga-Ga's house getting to put all the LEGO's together for the kids...I could do that all day long!!!