Sunday, September 20, 2009

Elephant Car Wash

On my Birthday my friend Jen and I got together to take our cars to the Elephant Car Wash. I know what a was wonderful way to spend your Birthday, but I LOVE having a clean car and having someone else clean it really is a treat! Plus I had a really great coupon so that made it even better.
Owen has been afraid of the car wash for as long as I can remember. So this is right after I told him the car was going to get washed up like he does in the shower. He doesn't look too sure about it.

After the big long soapy arms hit the windshield this is what he did. He does this whenever he gets scarred. I love that he feels more comfortable when he closes his eyes. He used to just scream his head off. He does this during the scary parts when he watches Cars. Yeah Cars has scary parts according to Owen. :)

This is right when I told him it was all down washing and he could open his eyes to see the car when rinsed off. He still looks a little unsure!

Jack didn't freak out, but he did get a little concerned because it was really loud when the brushes were cleaning the sides of the van.

While the guys were cleaning the inside of my van I had to try to get another picture of the boys in front of the building. I love this way this building looks...this is where I took the pictures of the boys for my blog header.