Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farm Failure

Okay...Okay I failed!!! I admit it! No excuses....I just got lazy and didn't want to water my garden. The poor thing dried up in about...oh 4 days! On Monday night Michael picked all my corn and my tomato plants and put them in the yard waste bid. We did use a bunch of the stuff we grew, but in the end I wasn't even sure the corn was going to be edible. Once Michael started pulling them up I opened the corn and most of it wasn't developing right. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Also I planted my tomato plants in WAY too small of containers. Michael said when he pulled them out it came in one big chunk and it was all roots. Poor things! I've learned a lot this year so next years garden will be better. First thing I'm going to buy is an watering system....I hate watering my garden.


Furry Bottoms said...

its all about learning! :) If you have to water your garden everyday, there are a couple cheap ways to do it. First, there is a timer you attach to the water sprout. You leave the water on, but this thing holds it back until certain times of the day, then releases it, then stops it whenever you set it for. The second thing would be to get a hose, and drill small holes in it in even intervals along the length. Lay the hose in a systematic manner. Leave it. When the timer says so, the water will flow, the holes will leak, your plants get watered! The timer will close the hose hole and your plants won't drown.

Don't take a black thumb garderner's word for it though. I've just been watching my neighbors do this and it seems to work good. Sure is cheaper than a sprinkler system!