Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting Dizzy

Owen and Jack love to push toys...strollers, mowers, wheelbarrows or bubble poppers. You name it if it can be pushed they'll play with it for a while. While we were out playing in the driveway after picking blackberries Owen just started running in circles and getting dizzy. Not sure if he was actually getting dizzy or just repeating me. My mom says Owen is in his Mina bird phase....he repeats everything you say. He also totally understands the whole getting to see the picture on a digital camera. It's funny to think that we didn't have this option as a kid, but our kids don't know any different...just like we don't know what life was like without microwaves.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lou,

No Microwaves, for sure!! Hey, When I was a little kid there was NO TV!! NO Telephone of any kind in our house, No electric toy jeeps, we had to peddle toy cars ourselves. AND HORRORS, there were NO Shopping Malls!! AND real cars didn't even have turn signals. WHO had HEARD of Air-Conditioning?? Seat Belts?? or Power Steering??

No one had any DNA, or Global Positioning, or Computers, OR BLOGS, Of Course!! AND I had to walk to school 3 miles in 2, no 3 feet of snow, UP HILL both ways, don'tchaknow..... Love, Dad