Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Time To Harvest Some Really Crops!

For those of you who don't know I'm seriously addicted to FarmVille on Facebook so I'm used to harvesting pretend's so much easier! :) On Wednesday after the boys naps I thought it would be fun to walk down the road and pick us some real, live crops.
I put Jack in the stroller and let his chauffeur take him for a ride.

The first blackberry wasn't a hit with each of the boys as you can see by Jack's face and Owen's shirt!

After a while Owen got the hang of eating them, but once we moved down the street a little more he noticed the storm drain and thought it was way more fun throwing things in that instead.

I've noticed a couple things about picking blackberries first there are some pretty stinking huge spiders that make their homes in blackberry bushes. Sheesh! Second...I really like under ripe blackberries. I don't like the berry to just come off the vine. I want to have to pull it off with some force. I love it when they are tart. So while I was picking the ones I like I parked Jack in front of the ripe ones so he could eat till his hearts content.

All of our fingers looked like we just got done voting in some Middle Eastern country. Totally worth it though!

I guess Jack didn't eat until his hearts content because he was saying more and trying to steal my blackberries in this picture. Look at that messy face!