Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's In A Name?

I already have names picked out for both a boy and a girl, but I thought it would be fun to get some suggestions from you guys out there. It's always fun to hear what names people like. First off let me explain why we named the boys Owen and Jackson.
When I was working at Safeco one of my coworkers was pregnant and she told me she was going to name her son Owen Michael. I immediately loved the name. I knew that if Michael and I had a boy I wanted our first son to have Michael's name as the middle name. So when I found out Owen was a boy there wasn't even a question that it would be Owen Michael. I love that Owen is a very manly name. I don't like unisex names and I also wanted to make sure it didn't rhyme with anything bad. Kids can be cruel.
As for Jackson, Michael and I always loved that name and I wanted our second son to have Michael's middle name so both the boys would carry a part of their Dad's name. We did waver as to whether or not we should name him Jack Daniel, but in the end his full name is Jackson not Jack and at least he knows what he's getting for his 21st birthday. I'm also a theme sort of person so the fact that Jack was 4 letters and Owen was 4 letters was a plus too.
I have really wanted to have another theme with our names, but I'm not sure it's going to work out. See I have a rule that we can't pick a name that starts with the letter from someone else in our family. Such as I like the name Miles, but Michael already starts with M. We already have the letters J, L, M and O. I always thought it would be fun to have two more kids and have their names start with a K and an N so we would have J, K, L, M, N and O and it would be in the order of the alphabet. Oh and I would want the name to be 4 letters or the nickname to be 4 letters long so we could continue with that theme too. I'm not picky really!
Anyways after thinking and thinking the two names I have come up with don't even start with a K or an N. Go figure! They are 4 letters though so at least I'm keeping one theme. I'm curious to hear what names you guys like so bring it on!!!
Oh yeah and we find out on September 28th so if you haven't cast your vote yet be sure too before then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lou,

Your Sweet Mom & I have been discussing Your need for 4 letter names starting with "K" or with "N" and thought we'd offer a couple suggestions:

Howbout "Kyra" for a girl?? Kyra Sedgwick has made that name very popular.

Howbout "Kyle" for a boy?? A good strong name after Kyle Chandler.

My favorite for an "N" Baby Girl name is, "Nyla" after Nyla Bernadette. A Beautiful name not all that common, don't You agree??

Howbout "Nathan" for a boy?? And just think, that can be shortened to the 4 letters of "Nate" like Nate Robinson.

So there You GO!! HOPE these help You & Michael zoom in on the eventual name of SWEET Baby #3. Love, Dad

Unknown said...

After growing up with a grandfather, father, brother, and possibly soon a nephew named John, I value somewhat unique names. At the same time I like names that are actual names and not just something made up (like Jerametrius). And so I'm campaigning for Ezekial if it's a boy - you could call him Easy if you need 4 letters. The only reason being that it was the first unique name that popped into my head. If it's a girl, I'm going with Unique since that's a unique name. No, that's no good. Actually, I've always liked the name Jennifer, I'm not sure why.