Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day!

After we finished up having Christmas at our house we headed down to Ga-Ga & Pa's. I love dressing the boys similarly, but Michael refuses to let me have them match perfectly so I decided to dress them both in their argyle sweaters. I must say...they are the just the cutest things EVER. Of course I'm a little biased!

We pretty much opened present right away because we were all so excited.

Owen and Jack both got monogrammed Elmo towels.

The boys got new pajamas...Owen got ones with McQueen and Jack got ones with Woody.

Uncle Ryan got two new sweaters, cash and two gift cards.

Jack had fun modeling Ga-Ga's gloves that she got from Pa.

Like we do every year we made Ga-Ga & Pa a photo calendar. It's Ga-Ga's favorite thing!

Michael got a new corded drill, a Philips screwdriver set and The Unit season 4.

I got a day with my mom (my favorite gift), Season 4 of 24 and a digital camera.

Pa got the biggest present...a new shop vac.

We've been talking to Owen about Christmas being Jesus' birthday so he was very insistent after we opened present that we light candles and sing Happy Birthday. He had so much fun blowing out the candles!

Dinner time!

After dinner the boys got to play with their new Play-Doh.

Jack loved pretending to eat his green hamburger...surprisingly he didn't actually eat any of it.

This is what a turkey coma looks like!

Time for hot cocoa!

Jack had about 4 helpings of Ga-Ga's sweet potatoes...that's one full belly!

More Christmas tree pictures...Pa, Uncle Ryan (aka. Uncle Ry) & Ga-Ga.

Michael, Lyndsay, Owen, Jack, Ella and Uncle Ryan!

New pajama pictures! In the words of Owen....Merry Christmas everybody!