Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pajama Day!

On Friday we let the boys stay in their pajamas all day long. It wasn't intentional it just happened. At first I got them in their robes that happened to match their Christmas pajamas and it just went from their.
We usually put the boys up to the breakfast nook table and then get them some dry cereal while we figure out what breakfast is actually going to be.

Cute Cheerios eaters!!!

Once we figure out what breakfast is we move into the dining room so we can all sit down.

I love how he has his hand on his hip....sort of! This is the first time Jack wore this robe....I remember Owen wearing it not too long ago.

Owen wanted to take Elmo with him to the table, but we have a rule of no toys at the table...

So Owen put Elmo on the hearth with all the other Christmas Creatures so he could "watch him". Jack loves to wave to the Christmas Creatures and say "hi" to them every day.

After breakfast the boys started playing and we just never got around to getting them dressed. This is Jack doing his irritated looking cheesy cheese face for Mama.

We just recently brought the Laugh & Learn Chair in from the garage and Jack has been in love with it.

Daddy also broke out the Elmo Radio Control Roadway that we got Owen for Christmas last year. They haven't gotten to play with it in a long time so it was a hit all over again!

Thank goodness Daddy was able to take an alternate route around the roadblock named Owen! Unfortunately by the end of the night the motor in poor Elmo's car had called it quits. Daddy even tried taking it apart and fixing it, but it just wasn't meant to be. Daddy and the boys found other ways to play with the track's not like we have a shortage of cars in our house that's for sure!