Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ella's Closet

About a week or so ago Michael separated Ella's closet for me...I really wanted to have more room to hang her clothes and still have a place for all my wrapping supplies.
Yesterday my friend Erin brought over a bag of her daughters old clothes so I washed them all and then hung them up today. Thank you SO much Erin!!!
The top left clothes are her newborn - 3 month clothes...top right are 3 - 6 months and the bottom bar is all the 6 - 9 month clothes. Surprisingly I've only bought two brand new outfits for her. All the rest of the clothes were either purchased at thrift stores, garage sales, by Ga-Ga or have been given to me to by friends or found at MOPS. We are so blessed!

I actually got a little anxious tonight hanging up all her clothes. Girls clothes are so much more involved that boys clothes. It's not just a t-shirt and jeans you have to worry about. It's a sundress with matching bloomers and a hat and a little sweater and don't forget shoes! Sheesh!

I love this little jean dress...not sure where or who I got it from, but it's just so cute! Can't wait to take a picture of her wearing it.


Melody said...

Girls clothes are a lot of fun! Norah had the exact same denim dress when she was a baby...purchased from Goodwill, of course : )