Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015!

Since the boys started going to public school I've tried really hard to make sure we have a fun filled summer. I know that if we don't plan something then we'll just sit around and do nothing and the summer days will pass us by. So in order to prevent that the kids help me to create our.....

Summer Bucket List

- Go swimming at Coulon Park & get snacks from the snack shack
- Visit Angle Lake Park, play in the sprinkler park, eat free lunch and then play at the beach
- Go splash around at The Centre at Norpoint
- Use our KidsBowlFree coupons
- Get a free slurpee on July's a Saturday so be there at 11am when it starts
- Explore Mud Mountain Dam & Park
- On August 12th @ 10am see Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
- Go to Ga-Ga & Pa's house and play on the slip and slide
- Go hiking in Mount Rainier before National Park Pass expires at the end of July
- Visit Kandle Pool in Tacoma for the first time. Do a half session for $26
- Make S'mores and Little Smokies in the backyard fire pit
- Go to IKEA 
- Make Raspberry freezer jam
- Make Blackberry syrup
- Go to the Farmer's Market
- Go to the parade for Renton River Days, have a picnic lunch and play on the bouncy toys
- Ride on a Ferry
- Shoot off Fireworks
- Climb Rattlesnake Ridge
- Take kids to Soccer Camp at church in June
- Take Jack & Ella to Kids Town Camp at Christ Church
- Visit family in Wyoming & Yellowstone National Park
- Swim in a Hotel Pool
- Go to the track
- Have a Movie/LEGO day 
- Make Jug Catchers using Milk Jugs
- Freeze toys in ice and chisel them out
- Camp out in the backyard
- Attend some of the summer library programs
- Find crabs at Des Moines Beach Park
- Family Movie Night
- Family Game Night
- Video Game Night
- Mommy & Daddy Appreciation Day (This was Owen's idea) 
- Kids Appreciation Day (Also Owen's idea) 
- Make Kool-Aid Popsicles
- Play baseball @ the high school
- Attend a Tacoma Rainers Game
- Go Garage Saling 
- Have a Garage Sale and Lemonade Stand
- Play Frisbee Golf
- Buy a Discovery Pass and go to lots of State Parks
- Try out new city parks...Pioneer Park & Wildwood Park  

I have a feel right now that my house might look like junk all summer long, but we are sure gonna have fun! What's that saying.....'Sorry for the mess my children are making memories'....yeah I'm going with that!


Melody said...

Sounds like you have a fun summer planned! I need to start putting a list together for us too. I've kind of been in denial, but SUMMAH' IS COMMIN'!!! You'll have to let us know when you hit up Pioneer Park! That's OUR park : ) The new sprinkler park is pretty awesome! I mean I guess it's pretty average as far was sprinkler parks go, maybe I'm just more excited because it's 4 blocks from our house : ) We went THREE times last week, and even when it was crowded my kiddos still had a blast! I love the stream at Wildwood kids love exploring there! And we LOVE the wave pool at Kandle park! That's a frequent place for us, as Corbin's sister lives right across the street...Corbin's mom usually pays for us to go a few times...otherwise there's no way we'd be abel to afford it! It's super fun though!