Friday, May 29, 2015

Birthday Cupcakes!

The day of Zeke's actual birthday I was watching my friend Kim's kids so she could get her hair cut. We planned on them all staying for lunch and us celebrating Zeke's birthday. I had planned to bake a cake the night before, but life is crazy so I ended up making it that morning. 

Zeke loves to help in the kitchen! 

He did a really good job holding the mixer. He of course got to lick the beaters...twice! Once for the cake and once for the frosting! He also got a spatula with frosting on it. He was one lucky little dude!  

At first I was going to make him a cake and then I thought I should probably find out what he wants! So cupcakes it was...which actually worked out better since we were celebrating with friends and lunch and then with family at dinner! 

So proud of all that chocolate cake. Speaking of cake if you want to make the most awesome chocolate cake and frosting ever from's not hard I promise!!! Just follow the directions on the back of the Hershey's Unsweetened Cocoa container. IT IS AMAZING!!! The batter is super chocolate soup runny, but it cooks up so nice and moist. And the frosting is that kind that hardens fairly quickly so if the kids drop their cupcake on the dining room table it's not covered with frosting! 

Happy 3rd Birthday! 

It took him a few times to blow out 2 of the candles and then I had to blow out the third just so his cupcake wouldn't be covered in wax! 

Chowing down on his cake! I love how Josiah is giving me a chocolate cheesy face on the side! It was a fun celebrating Zeke Man with friends!