Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Key Jar!

On the night of our anniversary my friend Alicia gave us this fun activity to do with our kids. She emailed it to me, but I hadn't gotten around to printing it out at the library yet. It was so sweet of her to think of us and to print them out for me. 

These are questions that you can discuss at the dinner table with your kids just to get conversations started. 

Here's Instructions! 

It came with this label that you cut out and put on a mason Jar. I also had to cut all the questions into strips and then fold them in half. 

Here are some examples...some of the questions can get pretty deep. 

This was the one we first talked about. Jackson totally floored me when he said..."Telling people about Jesus!". Is this kid awesome or what. Of course that's the most important job....EVER. Michael said, "Being a Mom". We did talk some more and Michael did bring up a good point....a water worker....Michael's job...is pretty darn important. Without water life would basically stink! 

Thanks Alicia for thinking of us....the kids have really enjoyed using these at dinner!