Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jackson's Concert!

About a week ago Jackson had his 1st grade concert at school. I love that our school has music...I've heard that some schools are doing away with it, but I'm not sure if that's correct or not. I think music is such a wonderful brings joy and laughter and it makes it easy for you to memorize things. 

Jackson wanted to get all dressed up like he did for school picture day so he wore his nice burgundy button up shirt and his black bow tie. He's in the front row on the right. We had front row seats on the left, but I never thought to ask Mr. Heintz which side they were singing on. Of course it was opposite of where we were sitting. 

At first Jack was front and center, but then slowly he started moving back. He's actually on stairs with stairs behind him so I don't necessarily think he was moving back as much as it was the other kids were moving forwards and he was following the rules. 

Disappearing a little more! 

And...where's Jack? 

I actually took this picture and started laughing. Zeke wanted to look at the pictures during the performance and I asked him to find Jack. He studied that picture for minutes and then he was so excited when he pointed out Jack's red Nike's. We had a good laugh! 

This is the song at the very end that the kids were super excited about singing. Earlier in the concert they sang the song...Fruits and Vegetables, but this time around they changed it to Frogs and Jellyfish. So funny! 

Here's my cute first grader after his performance. He is just too this guy!