Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dare Devil!

This cute boy was so in love with his bucket swing the idea of sitting in a big boy swing was just not going to fly! 

I finally convinced him to sit on the big boy swing and he is hooked now. 

And it took him no time at all to start saying higher! He loves to get pushed higher and higher. 

When I'm busy working in the yard he's fine swinging himself. He'll either twist up and go round and round. 

Or he'll run out as far as the swing will let him and then lift up his legs and swing back. 

Ella is also getting really close to being able to pump herself. She was working on it and was keeping herself going for a little while. She still loves underdogs though! 

It's crazy how we are only down to a couple baby items....Zeke's Lightning McQueen booster chair...he doesn't use it at the table anymore, but I'm going to keep it so we have it to use when friends come over. My mom gave me the Pack & Play that was at her house. I was thinking about selling it, but I might actually keep it for friends to use as well. It is time to say bye-bye to the bucket swing though!