Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bradley Lake Park & Bowling!

Back in April my friend Christina and I tried to organize a fun day with our kids over spring break, but that just didn't work out. My kiddos had a Teacher In Service day on May 1st so we were able to get together that day instead. 
Christina had told me about two great parks in the Puyallup area and I chose Bradley Lake...my kids love water and the weather was going to be gorgeous. 

We got there a little bit before Christina and her kiddos so the kids ran around and played on the toys. 

They could see the lake from the toys and wanted to go towards it so badly, but I made them wait for their friends. 

Of course when Caleb, Anna and Addison got there they needed to play as well, but by that time the kids were so excited to see their friends they didn't complain about HAVING to play anymore...silly kids! 

Zeke is getting more and more confident when it comes to playing on big kid toys....it's so fun to watch him explore! 

Of course I did have to rescue him from bashing his head in on the dashboard of the car at the beginning of this post. That thing really gets to rockin'! 

Owen decided he should dress like a superhero that day! His shirt has a cape and he has snow boots on...you know superheros always wear boots! 

After Christina and I visited for a bit we realized we should probably start the trek around the lake. The best part about this park...I think is the fact that they have a huge grassy area that's right next to the bathrooms and the walking/riding trail goes in a big circle with nothing obstructing your view. You can literally sit in the grass and watch the kids ride around and around. Loved that! 

After all the potty trips and a band-aid was applied to Jack's finger...Addison and him and a run in on their bikes...we  were ready to ride. Of course us Mamas walked! 

We did have to have some discussions about not riding ahead where we couldn't see the kids and Ella did end up walking her bike for part of the trail, but overall the ride was great. We stopped at this fun tree that Christina and I are pretty sure it's called the Kissing Tree! Doesn't that look like a perfect spot to sit with someone for a smooch? 

Of course the neighbor boys tagged along....if I'm going to bring 4 kids why not just bring 6! 


The kids decided to get off the trail an explore at one point and here's where I love the fact that we are all different. Christina loves it when the kids explore and learn. I on the other hand am very goal orientated so for me I'm all about the finish line and lets get this show on the road. Having that different perspective really helped me let the kids have fun when I would have normally been saying...let's go! 

This crazy dude has got to learn to use his legs more. He is way to heavy and uncomfortable to be wearing in the pack. I have a feeling that he'll be staying with Ga-Ga...since she's retiring soon....when we go on bigger hikes! 

After lunch at the park we headed through the drive thru of Wendy's for Christina's kids and Donald and Dominic. I had packed our lunch and Christina had packed a little, but it wasn't enough. She had a crazy morning. Of course then there was the conversation in the van about who the boys were going to share their food with and I put an end to that because Donald was going to only share with Jack. That's when I put in place the rule of...if I say we are packing a lunch then if Donald and Dominic want to come with us they will have to pack a lunch as well. It was a good learning experiences for sure. 

One of the reasons I wanted to pack a lunch is because I'm cheap...seriously...we are Dave Ramsey fans here! I do not want to pay for convenient food if I can just bring some from home. Also we had just signed up for the Kids Bowl Free Summer Fun Event and we were going to use those coupons for the first time. The whole reason they do this is so they can milk the parents of money that they will spend on the food at the bowling alley. I did not want to spend any money at the bowling alley except for the shoes which you do have to rent. 

Here are all the cute kids ready to bowl. I didn't think that Zeke would want to bowl, but he did! You can only have 6 kids on one lane so all 3 of Christina's kids and my 3 older kids were on the bumper lane. Then the other lane was me, Dominic, Donald and Zeke. Zeke just used the ramp thing for his ball. This was another learning experience. Next time I think it should just be all bumpers and each parent has their own kids on their own lane. Christina didn't end up getting to bowl and I don't think that was fair. She should just help her kids and get to have fun at the same time. I didn't realize how much help they would need or I would have suggested this in the first place...again another learning experience! :) 


The kids did have a blast, but of course it took WAY longer than expected. 

I figured a little over an hour, but it took from a little after 1pm until almost 4pm. Christina and her kids left after the first game around 3pm and I stayed to let my kids finish their second game. 

I think my kids were the only ones that had bowled before so it was fun to see the other kids experience it for the first time. 

Thankfully everything did go well...no toes or fingers got smashed so that's a plus! 

Of course the kids did beg and beg for food from the bowling alley. Donald and Dominic did have money so they spent some of it on a slurpee and some chips and salsa. They shared the chips and salsa and I did ask the lady at the counter if we could bring in snacks and she let us. Like I said it took way longer than I thought so the kids were actually hungry. I'm going to have to rethink how we do things next time. Maybe stop at the Winco and let them pick a special treat from the bulk section for after bowling is over. Maybe that will help with them asking all the time. Probably not, but it's worth a shot right? 

These girls always have so much fun together. Ella was supposed to get to see Logan that day as well, but because it took so long we had to reschedule. She was completely heartbroken. It didn't help that she hadn't had a nap in two days either! 

The first game I ended up with 94. 

Owen actually beat me with 116...but he did have bumpers! :)

He was pretty stoked about it! 

Enjoying the chips and salsa with friends. Maybe next time I'll have them all pool their money and get something together...maybe that will help. I'll definitely have to come up with a battle plan for that before we go again. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them????

I love the in motion high five action going on. Owen is prepared for the smack in the face....and let me tell you Jack just might hit him. Sometimes he can be really off on his aim! 

I think that was a good one! 

It was a super fun, totally exhausting, awesomely entertaining day with friends! Some fun was had, some lessons were learned and I can't wait to do it all over again!