Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ella's Second Haircut!

Back in April when I made my haircut appointment for later in May Ella told me she wanted to get her haircut. I had actually been thinking it would be fun to get it cut, but I wanted her to be the one to tell me. She was sure she wanted it to be as short as mine! At first I was all for it.....I'm daring with grows! But after thinking about her curly locks I was thinking that she might want that now, but in a few days she might change her mind. 

This is only the second time Ms. Bridgett has cut her hair. Click here to see her first haircut. The only reason she got her hair cut the first time was to even it out after her surgery since we were having family pictures. 

I have trimmed her hair a bunch of times since then just to even it out, but nothing major and nothing done by a professional! Her hair really did need some of that dead, dry hair cut off the bottom though. 

Ms. Bridgett showed me that she really only needed around 2 inches cut off to get the yucky stuff, but I went and ahead and had her cut off 3. 

Ella did great with getting her hair washed and cut. She sat so still! 

All cut and ready to be styled! 

Ms. Bridgett gave her a pretty french braid! 

While I got my haircut she got to go lay on the couch and watch an episode of Angelina Ballerina and an episode of The Berenstain Bears! 

When I was finished her hair was all dried and looked so healthy and curly! 

She's got such wonderful hair! 

 And I stuck with the normal haircut I get every time. I love it, love it, love it! I love my hair short, but one thing I love about this cut is it grows out so nicely. I hate getting my hair cut every 6 weeks or so and this cut make it so I only have to get my hair cut about 4 times a year!