Friday, May 15, 2015


Our cute Jackson is still working on riding his bike without training wheels. 

Michael did take his training wheels off and has been trying to practice with him....Jackson doesn't really like to practice though. He would much rather just stick with what he knows and that's riding his scooter. 

He really needs to gain confidence in his abilities. He can actually ride without our help, but once he realizes we not holding on he starts freaking out and gets all wobbly. 

My friend Natalie told us how they got their kids to learn how to ride and I think we are going to try that method. What they do with their kids is observe them and find out which side they naturally lean to and then they take the training wheel off on the side they don't favor. After the kid gets used to not having one training wheel on then you slowly start raising up the wheel on the side they favor. She said this method worked really well for their two older kids.

Zeke Man love Jack's scooter and he's really good at it. I can't rave enough about the Y Glider scooter. They are just awesome! 

He's such a shortie! 

And of course this pretty girl was out riding as well. We might just try to get her to ride without training wheels at the same time as Jack.