Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Burning The Midnight Oil!

We have been really busy and have not been making Ella and Zeke take naps. On this particular day it had been maybe 3 days since Zeke had taken a nap. Michael sat down on the couch to read a book to Zeke and he crashed! 

Our kids never fall asleep on the couch unless they are sick and even then sometimes they don't. He was just plain tuckered out though! 

Michael just kept reading the book and he just kept on sucking his thumb! 

I've been telling him recently that if he wants to suck his thumb he has to be in his bed....I made an exception for this though! 

You know when the thumb comes out he is really gone! In fact Michael had to get up and go help the older boys and he still stayed asleep even though he was laying in the weirdest position. I was reading to Ella so I didn't get a picture of that. Ella was yawning up a storm and I kept asking her if she was tired and she kept saying no. Then she got a really bad headache and I talked about how that happens to me sometimes when I'm really tired. Zeke woke up a couple minutes after that and I took him potty and then put him and Ella to was 6:30pm! They both ended up sleeping over 12 hours! When you are are tired!