Monday, May 18, 2015

Anniversary Date Night!

It was pretty low key evening for our anniversary this year. My parents came over and took the kids out to dinner and ice cream. Michael and I went for Chinese at our favorite place in Des Moines....The Madarin Kitchen! 

Fortune Cookies! 

After dinner we came home to drop off the parents had already left with the kids. When I ran into the house I saw a card from my mom on the kitchen counter so I opened it and put the card on our mantle. Once we got home I found out that they searched the whole house and interrogated the kids to see if one of them had taken the card. Oops! 

After dropping off the food we ran to The Dollar Tree to get candy and then we meet up with our friends Alicia and Rich to watch a movie. They had gotten free tickets and gave us some as well. We saw Do You Believe?. It's from the same production company that made God's Not Dead. I have never heard one word about this movie, but I watched the trailer and really wanted to see it. It was amazing!!!! I loved it!!

The next day was not so hot....poor Michael woke up feeling not so good which turned into a full out stomach bug. This also happened to be Mother's Day weekend and I will neither confirm nor deny that I acted like a total spoiled brat and was super obnoxious about the timing of his illness! I will say that I love my husband and I'm so happy he is forgiving! :)