Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Playing With Bees!

Owen had a rough week last week! On Sunday he was playing...yes playing with bees and got stung....yeah ya think! SMH! 

That night right when it happened he told us, but that was it. He went to bed fine and really I figured it was okay and maybe he didn't get stung since he didn't make a big deal about it at all. 

The next morning it was slightly swollen right around where he was stung, but that was it. Kind of surprised me that it took over 12 hours for it to swell up. Later that morning I got a call from the school saying that his had was really swollen and it was itching him so badly he couldn't focus on his work. So after my appointment at the chiropractor I drove over and picked him up from the nurses room. I tried a bunch of things....lavender oil, hydrocordizone, ice and of course Benadryl, but none of them really worked. 

The nest morning I knew I couldn't send him to school if I hadn't taken him to the Dr's. Thankfully she had an appointment for 9:30. She said that he was having a local reaction and she prescribed him Hydroxyine which is stronger than Benadryl for the itching. She did say not to give it to him until after school since it would make him really sleepy. For the discomfort she told me he could take one normal Advil. 

Back to the house we went so I could pack him a lunch and get him his pill. I love that my 8 year old can swallow pills!!! Then it was off to school. Of course he didn't want to go, but I told him he wasn't going to get to stay home because he chose to play with bees! Of course the day before he kept asking to play on the Kindle after I picked him up from school early and my answer was the same that time as well. Seriously! 

I did get another call an hour or so later from the school nurse saying that she had Owen in the office he was complaining about it being itchy. I had to explain what the doctor told me and how he couldn't take the RX until he got home. She decided to keep him in the nurses room with an ice pack...they can't take those back to the classroom because you know 2nd graders are so prone to chewing through those blue packs it's just not safe! SMH!!!! I told her I wasn't going to come pick him up though and reward him for PLAYING WITH BEES!!! He did have to do some of his school work while in the nurses room so that was good. 

Thankfully after he was able to take the RX when he got home that night it did start getting better and by the end of the week he wasn't even complaining about it at all. I don't even know how many people have asked him this last week, but he answers before they finish...."No...I won't be playing with bees anymore!" At least he learned something!!!! 

Side Note.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kids school! I think the teachers and other staff are fabulous! I just think that some of the rules that they have now are so ridiculous. Their hands are seriously tied. I guess I'm a bit more hardcore....maybe even borderline mean, but he's my child and I'm all for natural consequences so I would have been fine if they had told him to cowboy up and get back to class!