Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary!!!

It's funny Michael and I were both 16 years old when we first met at school. It doesn't even seem possible that we are celebrating our 16th Wedding Anniversary! 

We have definitely had our ups and downs just like any marriage does. This last year though I feel like we've really hit a nice groove. We've been together long enough that we just get each other and our quirks. We know how to "discuss" things more productively now. I'm not carrying or nursing a child so that's always good in regards to the intimacy department. 

Michael I love that we have built this life together. There is no other person I'd rather do life with than you! I say it all the are my anchor! 

Marriage is works that's for sure, but we work well together! :) 

I love you, I love you, I love you!!! 

Pictures of just the two of us throughout this last year...

The boys track meet. 

Dairy Queen.

Superbowl Sunday! 


Waiting for World of Color to start. 

Joe's Crab Shack! 

Leaving for Disneyland. 

Back to School Bash at Red Robin! 

Discovery Bay! 

My Dad's birthday party! 

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary! 

Side Note: My friend Laci called me a few days before our Anniversary to ask me if I had ever heard the little phrase about the 8th of May. I hadn't so she told goes...

Hurray, hurray for the 8th of's National Outdoor Intercourse Day! 

I about laughed my head off about that one!!!