Thursday, May 14, 2015


All of the kids have "piggy" banks....Jack's is the only one that's an actual pig, but even it's a pig in a TMNT costume. Owen's an old chocolate covered raisin container from Costco covered with stickers. Ella's is a cupcake bank from Ga-Ga and Pa. Zeke has had a few banks. The first was an old Tigger bank that was Michael's when he was little, but it was so small it didn't hold barely any money. So we switched him to Jack's old bank which is a pair of cowboy boots. That bank just drove me nuts was super hard to get in to and then when you opened it you had to shake it so much because the coins would get stuck in all the little nooks and crannies. Also whatever kind of material it was made of would flake off from the inside. So I decided to make Zeke a new bank.  

I had an old Starbucks Hot Chocolate container from Costco lying around so I decided to paint it. Zeke picked the blue color...the only other choices were red or pink so it wasn't surprising. 

The blue color was a great base for him to add his own flare to his bank. Pa had given me a bunch of Cars stickers that he didn't use for the Disney scrapbook he made of our trip last year. This was a perfect for those stickers. 

Of course Ella didn't want to be left out so she was sure that her cupcake needed some pizzazz!

I love how these little simple things can bring the kids so much joy!