Monday, April 23, 2012

Ella's First Hair Cut!

We are having family/maternity pictures taken later this week so in preparation I wanted to get my hair freshly cut. I also had been toying with the idea of getting Ella's cut too. No huge changes just something to even it out since they had to shave the back right side of her hair when she had surgery. The first thing I did was have her sit on a stool and watch me get my hair cut. I wanted her to see that it wasn't hurting mommy so she would know it wouldn't hurt her.

Before hair cut!

Her hair really was quite long in the back and most of the time it looks just like this...frizzy.

To help her feel more comfortable I sat in the chair and she sat on my lap facing me. Other than turning her head a lot and getting a little ticklish she did really great!

Since my hair stylist Bridgett has two girls she showed me how to do girl hair and she even put Ella's hair up.

Side Note: See the black eye...yeah she didn't have that when she went to bed on Thursday night, but Friday eye! Thankfully pictures aren't until this Saturday!

Side view!

Bridgett cut her hair in an A line cut and it turned out great!

It was fun to have our first pamper session together. I tell you I am absolutely in love with this little girl. I love sharing things like this with her and she is just so wonderful! It's crazy for me to think back to when I was pregnant with her and how I was absolutely adamant that it NOT be a girl. Thankfully God knew better than I did. She is such a joyful addition to our family!