Sunday, April 8, 2012

Special Delivery!

On Wednesday the Fed Ex guy came to our house with this...

my new Sit & Stand Stroller! Thank you Mom & Dad!!!!

I had been thinking about getting one of those stroller structures that just holds the baby car seat since Ella likes to walk so much. But then I realized she still is little so it would be good to have a place for her to sit down when she does get tired.

Hmmm...what is in here!

Wheels are on!

Lookin' good!

After getting the stroller all put together I thought it would be good to take an inaugural trip around the neighborhood with it. Logan had been dying to get in the stroller.

The seat in the back where you can choose to sit or stand up also has a seatbelt which I think is genius! Ella loved being a big girl and sitting back there. I love that this is a double stroller, but definitely doesn't feel like one. It's much more compact and easy to push.