Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Organizational Craftiness!

Last week I got a bit of the nesting bug and decided it was time to organize my crafting corner in the dining room. Not that it was extremely disorganized, but I have accumulated a few new items and it just needed a little overhaul.

I had one cookie sheet chalkboard left over from MOPS so I decided to make it into my to do list for crafts. I used my SIL Cricut and cut out the letters and then laminated them. I also made those cute tag magnets in case I end up wanting to hang an inspirational picture on the board. Love how these are so versatile.

I also have the hardest time keeping all my pictures that need to be scraped in one place. In fact I've almost reordered pictures from Costco before when I couldn't find them...no more! I used an empty envelope box and made a "pictures to be scraped" box. Useful and super cute!

This is a picture of one of those simple things in life that just make me giddy. Who knew that an extension cord and an office clip could be so revolutionary, but they are. See at my craft desk I use things that need to be plugged in all the time....my embossing gun, hot glue gun, laminator and the Cricut. Well the plug is under my craft desk and it's a pain in the butt to reach when I'm a normal persons size, but now that I'm the size of a whale it's impossible to reach the plug. Enter extension cord and clip so the extension cord won't fall behind the craft desk.....revolutionary I tell ya!