Monday, April 23, 2012

Slowing Down & Prepping For Baby Z!

I just noticed that the ticker on the side of my blog is saying there is 37 days left to vote on whether or not Baby Z is a boy or a girl. Wow....for some reason that seriously seems like just a short time! I haven't really paid attention to the actual number of days in a long time. I've been more focused on the fact that I still have over a month to go, but when I think of it in terms of days...oh my!

Life is definitely slowing down at our house and I couldn't be happier! Jack graduated from Occupational Therapy a little over a month ago, I stopped taking the boys to Taekwondo at the beginning of April and I just recently decided to stop going to my Wednesday morning Bible Study. I wish I could keep going, but right now I know that my body needs me to tone it down.

This is also my last week to watch Logan and then I'm on maternity leave. I'm excited to just have my kiddos for 4 1/2 months. And next Monday is our last day of homeschooling and then we'll be on summer break. I'm so proud of all 3 boys and their accomplishments. It's been neat seeing the progress they have made and I'm excited to see what they learn and accomplish next year. We are planning on taking them to a Fire House and then out to MCD's for a big end of the school year finale. We have also talked about having a "program" sort of day so the boys can show of their skills for the Daddys.

I've been waiting until I'm longer watching Logan to make a few changes in preparation for Baby Z. Since she sleeps in the pack and play that Baby Z will I haven't been able to adjust that for a newborn, but at the end of the week I will. I'm also looking forward to being able to take the baby gate of the stairs. All my kids are fine with going upstairs and so is Logan, but I do like having the ability to keep her downstairs since the upstairs is still sort of a novelty for her and she is a sneaky little girl! ;) We are going to be switching things up in regards to the seating arrangement at the table. Since I won't be able to pick Ella up after my C-Section we are moving her into Owen's old chair that has stairs so she can climb up on her own. Owen will be moving into a normal dinning room chair. They will all be moving to a different seating location at the table. If you know Owen you know that he does NOT do well with change so we'll see how this goes. Another thing we will be changing is the seating arrangements in the van. Owen will be staying where he is so he won't be upset, but Jack will be moving up. He is going to sit up next to Baby Z's car seat...this is something he's actually excited about!

I've also been going through my wardrobe. When I first when through my maternity clothes I wasn't really thinking about spring/summer clothes, but after today it was time to take out some of them. Man I've been getting hot lately! This week I'll be 34 weeks and I'm planning on packing my suitcase for the hospital soon. Ever since having Owen 3 weeks early I've always made sure to have my bag packed by 35 weeks. I'm not sure when this baby is going to come, but if I had to put money on it I would definitely say Baby Z is going to come before my scheduled C-Section and if you ask me I'm fine with that!


Melody said...

You are on the home stretch, friend!! So excited for you, and totally jealous : )