Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ruby Slippers!

At MOPS on Tuesday my friend Kara brought a bunch of clothes for me to go through for Ella. Included with all the clothes were these super cute red dressy shoes. I knew instantly Ella would LOVE them. They are a size 7 so they are too big for her, but that actually makes it easier for her to put them on by herself.

When we got home and she saw me pull them out of the bag she immediately started saying, "Mine!!!"

She loves that they make her look "Pre" and they also make fun clippy cloppy noises when she walks around.

Gorgeous Girl!

At night when Daddy gets home from work the kids usually hear the garage door going up and they go running for the door. Ella is waiting for Daddy to come in so she can show him her "Pre Shu".

Unfortunately it took Daddy longer to come in since it was Tuesday and that is garbage day at our house so Daddy was bring the garbage & recycle cans back to the house. This is Ella getting impatient and trying to open the door.

The kids LOVE to surprise Daddy so Ella got up on the chair to turn the lights off so she could surprise her Daddy.