Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mud Cookies Anyone?

On Tuesday morning in honor of it being Logan's last week at our house her Mom Jen bought the kids a new toy set to play with.

If you know my kids or any kids for that matter you know how they LOVE to play in dirt. This was so perfect and right up my kids' alley.

The first thing the boys had to do was go down to the backyard and bring up dirt to the table. The table mind you that I had JUST cleaned the day before...oh well...they played so well and so long that it was worth a dirty table. I added the water and mixed it together to get the dirt to the right consistency.

I wasn't sure if Ella would want to get involved, but she did not want to be left out.

Here she is pretending to eat her mud cookie.

Jack's mud star cookie.

Mmmm mud...yummy!!!

 Logan wasn't interested in the mud, but she had fun helping clean up.

 Later in day the boys wanted to play again, but the mud had dried up a bit. So I let them be in control (read...I'm big and pregnant and didn't want to get off the couch) and get the water on their own. I did tell them to only add a little at a time. You can imagine my surprise when they came inside and told me the dirt was too runny. When I went to check it out this is what my deck looked like! At least they had fun and thankfully Daddy has a power washer!