Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shaving Cream Paint!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Pinterest? Well I do! I saw this a couple months back and just now got around to actually getting the supplies at The Dollar Tree.

Shaving cream and food coloring =

Fun bathtime paint!

I also got the kids some of those foam paint brushes and then put them in the bathtub/shower and let them go to town.

Owen loves mixing colors and see what new colors they make.

This poor little girl had a rough week. First off she got a cold...that she passed on...then she fell down the hardwood stairs at Miss Kim's and got that nasty looking bruise on her forehead. Then later that same day she was outside and fell on the curb and got the cut under her nose and a big fat lip.

Not sure if Jack even used the foam brushes or if he just preferred finger painting.

Hand prints!

They usually spend about 20 - 30 minutes painting and then I fill the tub up with a little water and let them have a rinsing party. Then it's time for the actual bath with bubbles. The first time we did this Owen was in the tub for about 2 hours! This is seriously my favorite way to let the kids paint...mainly because it's contained and they are the ones that clean it up. Double plus!

This was the second time we did bathtub paint and Ella wasn't as thrilled with it. Especially when Jack decided to start painting her and I had to rinse her off. The green and blue coloring doesn't come off as easily so the kids looked like they had bruises all over their bodies.

Ella loves to be wrapped up in a towel like a big girl!