Monday, April 9, 2012

Creative Outlet!

Back in February I had a Stampin' Up Party at my house. I had been saving up so I got everything on my wish list. Combine that with the recent organization I did with my craft desk and I have been in a serious card making mood.

I had a bunch of stamp sets that I wanted to make cards with so I found designs I like on Split Coast Stampers and then made them. I never make them exactly the same though...I like to add my own flare.

Cards are so great because once you figure out the design it really doesn't take that long to make one and that is great with having kids. Sometimes I only have a small window to work with, but taking that time for myself and doing something I love always helps me relax.

It's been really fun getting to use all my new purchases.

I always try to build up my stockpile of cards prior to having a baby since I won't have time to work on this stuff for a while after Baby Z comes.