Thursday, April 12, 2012

Egg Hunt, Yard Destruction & Playtime!

On Saturday we took the kids to an Egg Hunt that was being put on by the church where we got to MOPS - Boulevard Park Presbyterian.

Last year Ella didn't participate so this was a new experience for her.

It was pretty crowded so she was a bit nervous.

In Ella's age group (0-3) someone jumped the gun and started before we were supposed to. Once that happened it was impossible to get the kids to stop. At first I did hold Ella back, but then I realized she wasn't going to get any eggs so I let her go.

She ended up getting two eggs and was totally pleased.

Michael had the boys over in their age group so I don't have any pictures of them hunting, but as you can see Owen did quite well for himself.

Jack did great fact Michael had to stop them once their buckets were full. After the egg hunt we went over to the other activities they had for the kids, but it was SO crowed the kids were asking to go home so we did.

Once we got home I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather by doing some yard work. All I had in mind was mowing and pulling some weeds. Michael got the lawn mower out for me and I (yes I mowed the lawn at 31 weeks pregnant) mowed the back yard. I asked him to bring the mower up so I could mow the front yard and that's when he informed me of his plan for the front yard....

Total destruction!!!

Last summer our front yard just got tore apart by moles. It was so hilly and uneven. Also the moss had started to get out of control. So Michael called him his dad and borrowed his rototiller for the job. Even though our front yard is pretty small it was still a big job when you are only able to work a small section at a time. When Michael realized that he wouldn't be able to finish in one day and we would need to go pick up his car at his parents house we left so we could do that. I had also promised the kids that we would take them to the park. After dropping Michael off to get his car I used the GPS to find a nice park in Auburn. I love GPS for things like that!

This park had all sorts of unusual toys like these saucer swings.

There was also this hill covered in fake turf and it had this net on one side and a slide on the other.

The boys had fun fleeting from one unsual toy to another and I felt happy that I kept a promise!