Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Today was probably the worst day I've had in a long time. It just started from the beginning and just kept on going. For some reason Ella is going through a phase right now....can you say 2 year old...and she is having a terribly hard time with her attitude whenever Logan is around. She will be fine when she's not here and then the days that Logan is here she's horrible. After dealing with a crying, fit throwing child all morning long...she even spent over a half hour in her room having quiet time to calm down...I decided after lunch that maybe a change of scenery would help the situation.

There is this little park that we've driven by tucked away in a neighborhood that I've wanted to take the kids to for sometime. So we packed up and headed out. Of course that couldn't be a joyous experience because Ella was throwing a fit about me not putting her sweater on.

Finally once we were at the park and experiencing some fresh air there was a reprieve from the drama.

We were the only ones at the park and that was nice.

The lower portion of the playarea was more geared towards little kids so Logan and Ella played there while the boys spent most of their time playing in the higher area.

Thankfully it wasn't all the kids causing drama at the same time...the boys were actually pretty well behaved today!

I'm so proud of Jack...he has climbed a rock wall like this at therapy, but this was the first time he's climbed one at a park.

All the way to the top...

by himself!!! Way to go Jackers!!!

I played drive (walk) thru window with the girls. They obliged when I asked for things like snow cones and a Frostie with French Fries.

The nice thing was that the kids didn't really need my help to do anything so I did get to just sit down and watch them have fun for a bit.

And a trip to the park wouldn't be complete without some form of public urination! Sorry Owen I apologize in advance for posting your cute naked tush online, but I'm your mother and I'm supposed to do things like this! Also it was actually a moment during the day when I truly smiled and I want to remember that even on the crappiest of days there is still something to smile about.