Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012!

The kids were all so excited to get dressed up in their Easter clothes. Getting their pictures in them...not so much! This was the best out of the batch!

Love the snuggly one though!

You might think that this is Ella posing and showing off her shoes, but it's actually her being a stinker and complaining about wanting her shoes off.

This is the picture that I have been dreading...that lovely picture that finally shows that pregnant fat face is here. I don't notice it so much in the mirror, but the camera absolutely adds 10lbs directly to my face. Ella's super cute though!

Ga-Ga had the kids Easter Eggs and empty egg collecting baskets in the family room waiting for us to hide the eggs. Ella decided why should she wait for us to hide them...she just went over and started putting them in her basket. This is her showing Pa her eggs she "found".

Cute little stinker!

Kids all ready to hunt for eggs!

And there off! It was SO nice to be able to "hide" the eggs outside.

The boys were all over the place.

Ella walked outside and immediately noticed the bubbles and got a little sidetracked.

We had to lead her in the right direction in order for her to get any eggs.

Owen found the one that I hid in their mailbox.

Jackers was a great hunter! In fact he loved getting the eggs that Ella dropped because she was running too fast and they would fall out of her basket!

Checking out their candy!

The eggs were filled with lots of jelly beans!

And here is all the candy the kids got! Seriously we have enough candy to last until Halloween....maybe! ;)

At our last MOPS meeting Owen's class made Resurrection Eggs. Owen has had a blast telling the story over and over. He's so cute and anal about how he does it. He has to say the number that's on the egg, shake it, open it, talk about it and put it back and then do it all over again. 12 eggs can take quite awhile for him to get through. This time he told the story he decided to add an additional step...eating a piece of candy between each egg.

The kids got totally spoiled by Ga-Ga & Pa and Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie. On top of TONS of candy they all got shirts, socks, Pez Despensers and bendy straws. Ella got hair clips, a Princess cup & little people toys. The boys each got Play-Doh and Star Wars characters. Owen got Pirate gear and Jack got a plush Darth Vader.

While we were hanging out before the kids opened their baskets Jack came up to me and said, "I got Darth Vader in my basket"....he and Owen had gone upstairs and found their baskets before it was time. It was so cute that he tattled on himself.

Owen has wanted a "spy glass" for so long...he was pretty excited to get one.

Other than breakfast the kids seriously didn't eat anything of nutritional value. There are a few days in the year that this is expected and Easter is definitely one. Towards the end of the night Ella and Jack did eat some strawberries.

On the way home all the kids ended up falling asleep in the van. Then once we got home the boys woke up and started complaining about going to bed and that they weren't tired. It was a bit dramatic and totally expected.

Last but not least...the family Easter picture!

This picture brings up a bunch of emotions for me. See this time last year we had a similar family picture taken at our churches Easter breakfast. I was pregnant with Kyan at the time and showing, but he had already died. We didn't find out until the Friday after Easter though. It really tainted that picture for me. I am so overjoyed that this year I'm pregnant again and Baby Z is doing well. It just goes to show you that you never know how much things can change in just one year!


Momof2 said...

Great pictures! Looks like the kids had a blast!