Sunday, May 8, 2016

17 Years Of Memories!

17 Years ago I said "I do" to the man of my dreams. Little did I know that he would be so much more than just that! Michael in a nut shell is my rock! He is my anchor that keeps me stead in the storm. He's the one that swept me off my feet and proposed to me at 17 years old!!! I think about that now and it's just CRAZY! I do not think that getting married at 18 is for everyone, but we knew! There is honestly no one else for me. He is the one God chose for me! 

I thought it would be fun to look back this year at all the professional pictures we've had taken over the years that have been documenting those big milestones over the span of 17 years. 

May 8th 1999...the end of a millennium and the start of our married life together. 

February 2007....Owen Michael. 

We had professional pictures taken in between 1999 and 2007, but I can't find them. Between those almost 8 years of time were a lot of fun times....camping with family and friends, many trips to Disneyland, a cruise to Alaska, one trip to DisneyWorld and one to San Francisco, but also a lot of yearning and tears. Praise the Lord He is faithful! 

April 2008....Jackson Daniel is on his way! 

It has always been fun documenting the different phases and sizes of our family. I will say that Jackson was one of the biggest and best surprises to happen to our family! 

January 2010 - Ella is on the way!!! 

Michael had been laid off, but he was trying his hand at selling insurance. Lots of uncertainty laid head of us during this time. My friend Starr took our pictures at no cost to bless us!

March 13th 2011....My brother's wedding day!!! 

Michael had gotten hired at the Water District 13 days prior to my brother's wedding. We were starting a new adventure and I was pregnant with Kyan in this one knew though. About a month later we found out Kyan had died. 

April 2012...Zeke Russell is on the way!

My dream to have a family of 4 was being realized. Zeke was the most planned for kid. He was also the only one we didn't find with out until he was born. 

November 2012...The first of the Annual Christmas Pictures! 

A family of 4....our dream come true! I love how Zeke looks like he's growling at something!

November 2013...2nd Annual Christmas Pictures.

Kids growing, changing stages, potty training and home schooling. 

November 2014....3rd Annual Christmas Pictures!

The kids are getting older and it seems like Michael and I are able to focus on each other more. More date nights and more quality time!

October 2015....4th Annual Christmas Pictures!

Life feels good!

I could not have even imagined the amount of fun, love, challenges, growth, faithfulness, anger, fear, success, adventure, memories and joy we would experience when I married this man 17 years ago. Our journey has been our own....a road we have always traveled together no matter how steep. Marriage is work, but it's the best kind of work. 

Michael you are the love of my life. I feel so blessed that God brought us together. People thought we were nuts for getting married so young, but I'm glad we didn't wait. I'm glad we just jumped in....we grew up together, we learned how to be adults together. Life gave us obstacles and we overcame them together. I know that some marriage have been destroyed by way less than what we've encountered, but we just clung to each other that much more. You are my rock and my safe place. You've had my love since I first kissed you on Thanksgiving day 1997 and you'll have it for the rest of my life!

Happy 17th Anniversary!!!