Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zeke's Early Birthday!

This year the present we got Zeke for his birthday was actually going to be used for his party. I knew that if we gave it to him at his actual party without letting him play with it first he would be quite possessive of it. So we decided to have an early birthday the day before his party. We didn't do cake or anything...just presents. We let the kids decide if they wanted Zeke to open his presents from them or wait until the next day at his actual party. Owen and Jack wanted him to open their presents, but Ella wanted him to wait to open hers. 

All ready to open his gifts! 

The siblings are pretty excited too! 

What's in there??

Owen got Zeke two things from The Dollar Tree....a Paw Patrol Chalkboard...

and a Lightning McQueen bubble set. 

At first Jack wrapped up one of our electric cars, but since it can only go on the track and not be driven just anywhere we figured that wasn't the best choice. So Jack quickly drew Zeke a picture for was so sweet! 

On to the big bag!

I found this Hot Wheels Elimination Track on Amazon a few months back and knew it would be perfect for the party. I was thinking about having Michael build a homemade version, but he pretty much straight up told me that wasn't gonna happen. I think I've worked him a little too hard this year! Anyways on Amazon they wanted $98 for this puppy! Uh...yeah not that's not happenin'. So I headed to Target and lo and behold I found it for $19.99. Take that Amazon!

He was excited even though he really had no clue what it actually did! 

The track has 4 lanes which was perfect since we have 4 kiddos! Yeah for no fighting....oh wait it still happened! 

The elimination part of the track is genius and so simple! Even though it's connected it's really like 2 tracks stuck together. The two cars on the left compete against each other as do the two cars on the right. See the first bit of yellow down the track. Well which ever car on the left side gets to that part first it flips a switch that opens the yellow part for the other car so it either can't get through or literally gets thrown from the's super cool! After that there is only one car from the left and one car from the right competing against each other. Then the second bit of yellow does the same thing thus eliminating the second car and winning the race. Like I said super genius and super simple My personal favorite part about this track is that it folds up! No taking a ton of pieces apart and then putting them back together 10 minutes later when a certain now 4 year old decided he really wasn't done playing! 

The kids had a great time playing on Saturday and then again on Sunday prior to the party. As for whether or not it work in regards to Zeke not getting jealous of other kids playing with his new'll just have to wait until this actually birthday post to find out! :)