Monday, May 16, 2016

Ella's Second Nanny McPhee Tooth!

A couple weeks ago Michael noticed just how funny Ella's second big front tooth have gotten. It was sticking out and it had started to point toward her other adult tooth that was coming in. He was afraid that she might end knocking it out and it might take a chunk of her gums with it. So he decided it was time for it to come out. 

When she pulled the tooth to the side you could even see the dried blood from inside that tooth. It was super wiggly. It always amazes me at how wiggly a tooth can be and how it can still just hang on for dear life. I had to help Michael hold Ella down since she was not really interested in having her tooth pulled. She was crying and it was so sad. 

Michael finally got it out and it fell into her mouth and she spit it back out into her hand. She did not want to swallow it and miss out on it growing money! Michael made sure to have some nice snuggle time with Ella. When Michael was talking to her and explaining about how it really needed to come out she even commented that she was SO glad it was out now! 

Cute girl can get herself so worked up. She is a pro at those crocodile tears! 

The crazy thing is her new tooth was already showing! It was really really really ready to come out!