Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Anniversary Celebration & Mother's Day!

This year our anniversary fell on Mother's Day so we celebrated the night before by going out to eat at Red Lobster and then seeing the movie Miracles From Heaven. My mom had offered to stay at our house after we went to the Mill Creek garage sales...thanks Mom!

Michael got the Ultimate Feast and it sure was....lobster, crab, shrimp, prawns, rice pilaf, baked potato and salad!

I love mussels so I just got an appetizer. It's so yummy! I did eat some of Michel's salad since in his words...."Why would I want to waste stomach space on salad!" 

The movie was nice....it was a slower, but a great story! 

The next morning Michael ran out to get me donuts for breakfast...I had been wanting them the day before. He went to both Safeway and Fred Meyer's and neither of them had any Boston Cream donuts! He got the regular maple bars, old fashion and chocolate donuts instead. It wasn't exactly what I was wanting, but he promised me he'd pick up a Boston Cream donut for me later this week. 

The kids presented me with their cute school made gifts. Owen's was a paper cut out of the word MOM, Jack's was a bird house that said, "You're so Tweet!" He also wrote on the back what his favorite thing was about me and he said my cooking! Ella had cut out a watering can that said 'Seeds of Love' and there was a seed packet inside. Each of them also wrote a few things on a 12x12 piece of paper or in Zeke's case Daddy helped him trace around his hand.  

Me and my goofy bunch! Jack's face is just killing me!!!! 

My Mom and Dad came to church with us and they had this fun photo area set up. I'm so horrible at remembering to take pictures anymore so it was nice to have a designated area so I didn't forget. After church we wanted to go out to lunch even though it wasn't even 11am yet....we thought we might beat the Mother's Day rush. We tried the Black Bear Diner first and that was an hour and a half wait. I called Black Angus because we had past by on the way to BBD and the parking lot wasn't full at all. They said they couldn't get a party of 8 in until 8pm that night! Ha! Mom called Roasters in Seatac and they had lots of space. I swear that place is NEVER crowded when we go. They must be slamming for dinner because I have no idea how they stay in business judging from their lunch crowd. Lunch was yummy and the kids did great! They are such a joy to take to restaurants now. 

After lunch we came back to our place. Dad hadn't seen all the changes we done to the house so he wanted to check those out and I needed to give Mom her Mother's Day gift. 

Let's start off with....I can not buy flowers...I just can't! I've never been a flower lady...I would get mad at Michael if he bought me flowers! In fact once he brought home tulips and I was looking at him like...'you spent money on those'. He actually won them so that was great! I just don't see the sense in them since they die! Now I wouldn't been upset if someone else bought me flowers. In fact I have 3 distinct memories of flowers being given to me and I was overjoyed. The first was when my Dad brought flowers to the hospital when Owen was born. I'm sure he brought flowers for all the other kids as well, but this is the one that sticks out in my mind. Probably because they came in this cute fire truck which is still in the boys room to this day. The other two times were from friends. Starr brought over the most beautiful bouquet of sunflowers since I was having a rough day. The best surprise ever! Then one time randomly Jen brought flowers to me when she picked up Logan. I was having a seriously difficult day and she didn't even know it! I say all of this because I just couldn't buy my mom flowers that were going to die. So....I bought her a big Perennial plant instead. It's going to be gorgeous and the best thing is it's going to come back year after year. Dave Ramsey would be proud!  

The rest of the day was spent doing normal things like dishes, laundry and then lounging around watching Michael put together a Marble Run that I got the kids at the garage sales for $3!!! This exact same marble run was at Costco at Christmas time for $29.99. It was frustrating for Michael to put together and it was missing one part...not bad really. He's an awesome man though and was able to fabricate a piece out of wood. 

 I did get a fire in me and went out to cut down some of the dead branches that are on one of our trees in the backyard. I refilled all the lunch containers for the kids lunches this week and then made Michael and I Cream of Wheat for dinner. After the kids went to bed we watched a couple episodes of Hell on Wheels. All around it was a nice mixture of a normal day and a celebration day!