Sunday, May 1, 2016

Saltwater State Park!

Each month we set aside $60 for entertainment for our family. Sometimes we take the kids out for ice cream or we go to the cheap theater. Other times we use it for Michael and I to go on a date. We are always trying to stretch our money out and have it work the best way it possibly can. We figured one way to get a good bang for our buck was to get a Discovery Pass. It was a little over half our entertainment money for one month, but it's good for a year and we can go explore a lot of different parks now. I know we could just go to normal parks for free, but one of the main reason I decided to get this pass is because 2 of the nicest parks that are close to our house are State Parks. On this particular day we decided to head to Saltwater State Park. 

Last year there would have been no way that we would have let this little guy walk! He can be such a complainer and honestly his legs were just so little it would have taken twice as long for us to walk a trail. This year though.....he's awesome! He's ready and he loves to go. He does like to rest a you can see...but as long as he gets a little rest he does just fine! 

Check this out Mom! 

This tree got uprooted, but then didn't fall all the way down because it got wedged between these two trees! 

Life lessons on the trail! 

I'm amazed this tree is even still standing since it's roots are almost completely uncovered! 

It was a perfect day for a hike...not hot, but not cold either! 

Taking another rest! Not sure why Zeke's making a grumpy face. 

Checking out the little stream. 

Jackson found a snail he thought was dead. 

Then we touched it and it moved! 

Daddy's boy! This kid does SO much better for his Daddy. For example when Daddy drops him off at the church nursery he's fine....when I drop him off he cries and makes a big fuss! I guess he just "mans up" for his Daddy! 

Another rest! 

Handsome guys! 

Let's see where we are on the trail! 

Blazing his own trail! 

Where he leads they will follow! 

They reached the top! 

As Owen said we were being romantic! 

The underneath side of the bridge! 

Another hill another challenge! 

He passed though! 

Almost all of them made it to the top of the rock line. Ella was climbing in line with Owen about 10 ft back and almost got hit by a rock that came loose from up above where Owen was. That was a little scary since they were good sized rocks! 

We ended the hike at a little stream! Where we hung out for quite awhile. The kids had fun poking sticks in the water, climbing logs and watching the ducks! 

After the hike we headed down to the water. It was significantly cooler with the wind

The kids were searching for shells and especially a crab claw! 

I was staying away from that since I could see sand fleas jumping everywhere...ewww! 

And of course Owen spent the whole time at the water line. After that we went to Safeway where Michael got us all ice cream treats.