Monday, May 2, 2016


During spring break I brought out the kids Easter presents from Santa Al & Ms. Ellen. They were these cute greenhouse kits. 

I had the kids work on these in the garage. I figured it would be better out there since they would probably make a mess. 

Each kit came with 6 mini pots and 6 peat pellets. 

The kids had to put water on the pellets so they would grow into dirt. 

The instructions said they only needed 1 tsp of water, but it took a lot more than that actually. 

Once the pots were full with dirt the kids got to plant their seeds. The kits came with two different types of gourds....birdhouse and baby bottle. 

Then the lids got snapped on and it was time to put them outside. 

All ready to see if we can grow some gourds! 

The kids had lots of fun....I have no idea if we will actually grow anything...the peat pellets were interesting for sure. 

Soaking up the sun!