Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fire & Friends!

Two weeks ago we had a busy Saturday. First off I got a text message from Jen at 9am asking if her and Logan could come spend the day with us. I was so excited and so was Ella. Of course I didn't even think to take out the camera and get a picture. Ella and Logan just picked right back up where they left off and played and played and played. Jen and I just hung out and talked and talked and talked! It was FANTASTIC!!! 

With all this girl stuff going on Michael jumped ship and took the boys down to a park, DQ, the beach and then they came home with MCD's and got to watch Big Hero 6. 

Later in the day Lance & Rachael came over and dropped the girls off so they could go on a date. Of course when you have lots of stuff to do a date entails running errands and being so happy you don't have 3 kids in tow! So instead of just one friend Ella had 3 friends to play with. Reagan is still a little girl so she doesn't really play with the bigger girls yet. 

Jen and Logan ended up staying until 5pm and then they were off! So glad that Jen decided to ask if we were available even though it was short notice. I'm sure even if we did have plans we would have changed them. 

When Lance and Rachael came back to pick up the girls we got to chatting and then I invited them to stay and join us for smores. 

We got all the new chairs out and all the fixing for smores. The kids were so happy! Reagan just loves Zeke and normally he doesn't want anything to do with her. Thankfully he was willing to share his chair with her though. 

It was so fun just chatting around the fire, eating smores, drinking beer (Lance & Rachael) and watching the kids play. These were the only pictures I took that whole day and I'm actually kind of glad. I think sometimes we get too wrapped up in capturing the moment that we forget to stop and actually enjoy the moment! Life is it!