Monday, May 23, 2016

Zeke's 4 Year Pictures!

For the last few years we've gotten the kids birthday pictures taken at JCPenny's I love that JCPenny's now emails their pictures. I used to have to wait days to get them, but now I usually have them in my inbox within hours! I also always buy a Groupon for the kids pictures. It's $29.99 and you get 3 digital images and 1 photo sheet. I hadn't seen that Groupon in a while so I was getting nervous, but then a few weeks ago it came up again. I bought 2 one for Zeke and one for Jack. I really fits our needs perfectly since the IKEA frames I use for the kids pictures only have space for 3 shots. I print those pictures out for the frame and then the 1 photo sheet I always get wallets and I use those as thank you notes for the people that came to the party. 

The last few times we've had pictures taken the photographer hasn't been that great. Thankfully my kids don't throw fits about picture taking so it usually isn't a big deal. Zeke though is always super shy and it's hard to get him to come out of his shell. I knew the minute the lady introduced herself that she was not going to be one of those people to get him to open up. She didn't have many "tricks" up her sleeves that she used to get him look at her. He kept wanting to look at me and the only thing she would do was say, "boop" to try to get him to look at her. Also she had this horrible habit of asking him questions. For example...."I'm gonna have you sit on this that okay?" What do you think his answer was?!?! I actually in a polite way explained that as a mom I've learned I should never ask my kids questions like that in hopes that maybe she'll realize the error of her ways. Thankfully all I needed were 4 good pictures and that's what I got! 

For one of our past photo shoots the studio called to remind me of our appointment they said that we could bring along anything that we might want in the pictures. Jack has brought a puppy dog and Pluto and Ella has brought along her dolly. Since Zeke's party this year is Hot Wheels I thought it would be fun to bring along some cars. He's SO into them right now so it just captures a bit more of him in the pictures. 

Side note.....that adorable sweater is from Gymboree and I got it at the Mill Creek Garage Sales for $2!!! Ga-Ga also got his cute loafer shoes at the garage sales, but I don't remember how much they were. They are from Oshkosh. 

The lady did suggest that she take a pictures of him just playing with his cars. He was busy positioning his cars in an 'X' shape. 

When I originally thought to bring the cars this is what I really wanted them for. I have seen baby boy pictures where they use the cars to form a heart around the baby so I thought it would be cute to use them to make the number 4. This picture was so hard to get! She wanted him to lean over and put his hands on the floor some how. She was explaining it to me and I didn't even know what she wanted. She didn't even try to get down and help or show us what she wanted him to do. Finally he sat like this and I said, "don't move!" I'm still not sure if this is exactly how she wanted him to sit, but it turned out super cute. 

Anyways not our best experience at JCPenny's, but for the price and the fact that we did get 4 nice pictures.....I always use a different picture for the wallets and those haven't come in yet....we will continue going. The guy that used to take our pictures was amazing. I need to call and ask if he still works there and schedule our sessions for those times in the future. 

All that complaining aside I love having these pictures. We never buy school pictures for our kids so it's going to be so nice to have these yearly shots to see how much they change!