Thursday, May 12, 2016

Plant Babies!

It has been so nice these last few weeks getting to see the fruits of our labor in regards to our yard. We did plant some plants, but then we planted a ton of bulbs. Everyday we go out and check for more "plant babies" as we call them. 

Some of the bushes we planted are starting to bloom. I have no idea what this is, but it's beautiful! 

It is so fun to see them poke up out of the ground and then watch them get bigger and bigger every day. 

We also have been taking advantage of the nice weather when we go outside. Zeke loves to come with me and swing on my bench while we listen to the lovely sound of water from Penelope! 

This is my golden something's so gorgeous! 

More bulbs poking through! 

This is one of our ground covers. It's amazing at how often they bloom! 

I can't wait until the yard is in full bloom....I will definitely have more pictures!