Monday, May 9, 2016

Ella's First LEGO Build!

The last time I took the kids to the Free LEGO Mini Build I didn't sign Ella up. I thought for some reason you needed to be 7, but you can actually participate once you are 6 years old. So for this months LEGO build I signed Ella up. She was nervous because she doesn't really know how to put them together, but I assured her that I would help her along. 

This months build was a cute little hedgehog! Ella had so much fun and she really felt included since it's been something only the bigger boys have gotten to do. She's part of the LEGO club now! 

Owen wanted to pretend to eat his hedgehog! Jackson was still working on his hedgehog and I was trying to keep track of kids in the mist of chaos! The kids were each hoping to buy one of the Disney Mystery Mini Figures, but they were sold out. So the 3 older ones decided to pool their money and they each got one mini have to buy them in a 3 pack. The fun part is you get to choose all the part to your figure. Owen made a constable and his accessory he chose was this fun tech piece that he could add to one of his many ships with blasters and such. Jackson made a cool guy with awesome looking blond surfer hair and his accessory was an ax. Ella made a cute girl with Wyld Styles hair and her accessory was a cat! 

We've really had lots of fun going each month...thankfully Kim reminds me on the 15th of every month to sign up for the next months mini build or I'd probably miss it every time! :)