Sunday, July 1, 2018


On May 4th, I took Owen down to the BECU office in Tukwila to officially open his very own savings account. This savings account his going to be for his first car. Whatever he saves Michael said we will pay double. So if he saves $1000 we will give him $2000. Michael did say there's a cap at $3000. He'll need to save the rest. But he can certainly get a nice used car for $5000. 

Can't believe he's old enough to already be planning ahead to eventually driving. Thank goodness it's still 5 years away though. 

After his account was open we went over to the ATM to use his debit card to deposit money into his account. He was so cute because when he was typing in his special PIN number he was saying it out loud. I had to have a talk about how that number is private and we never share it. 

A week or so later Owen got his first piece of mail addressed to him! 

He was so excited to open it. It was just a notice about opening the account which was funny because it showed his account balance at zero! They had ran this report prior to him depositing any money. A few weeks later he did get another piece of mail showing his account balance with the money he had deposited. So far he's only made the one deposit, but hopefully soon he'll want to put more in.