Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Value Village Finds / Electrical Problems!

On Sunday, May 27th the kids went home from church with Ga-Ga & Pa to spend the night. Right after church Michael and I got to go on a date....we went to lunch at Wing Stop and then we headed to Value Village. Whenever there is a holiday on a Monday Value Village has there 50% off day the day before and the day of the holiday. We had gone shopping for Michael back in February when they had 50% off due to President's day. We were mainly shopping for cold weather clothes and now it was getting warmer out and he needed short sleeve shirts. 

Here's what we got at our shopping trip on Sunday. 

Michael got 3 short sleeve shirts. 

I got Owen 2 pairs of pants, 2 t-shirts and swim trunks. 

I got Zeke 2 pairs of pants, swim trunks and a long sleeve shirt. 

I got Ella a dress, 2 short sleeve shirts, one long sleeve shirt and a pair of sandals. 

I got Jack 2 short sleeve shirts, swim trunks and a swim shirt. 

For myself I got 5 short sleeve shirts.

I got 1 pair of capris and then 2 pairs of jeans...the skinny pair can be rolled up to be capris. The most amazing thing about these 3 is that I didn't try them on at the store. I wasn't even going to look for pants, but I decided to after I had already tried on my shirts. The line to try on clothes was crazy long and I wasn't in the mood to wait again. I figured since we were going to go to a different Value Village the next day that even if they didn't fit I could return them so it wasn't a big deal. The craziest thing though...they all fit perfectly! Sometimes I might try on 10 pairs of pants at Value Village and none of them fit so the odds of all 3 fitting was pretty astronomical! 

Like I said the next day we went shopping at a different Value Village before we went to pick up the kids at Ga-Ga & Pa's house. Here's what I got from that trip. 

3 short sleeve shirts for Ella. 

1 short sleeve shirt for Zeke and a swim shirt to go with his swim trunks I got him the day before. 

I found 3 more short sleeve shirts for Jack and a Spiderman blanket. 

4 more short sleeve shirts for Owen. 

Michael got 4 more short sleeve shirts as well. One of them ended up being too big, but I had already washed it so I couldn't return it. But that's the best thing about buying from Value Village...it doesn't cost a ton so it doesn't hurt as much if something doesn't work out. 

I also found 2 more pairs of jeans for myself and one more pair for Owen. 

I also got 1 tank top, 5 short sleeve shirts and the light blue cover up is actually pajamas. I had never thought of wearing basically a light sweater to bed, but let me tell you it's the most comfy thing. 

I did buy something a bit out of my comfort zone....this is a short dress that looks super cute over skinny jeans or leggings. I'm thinking ahead towards going to Maui next year and I think this would be fun to wear there. 

So in all we bought 57 items and spent $160...making each piece cost $2.80! I love bargains! 

Of course the most ironic thing happens when you've just recently bought a ton of new clothes and need to wash them all....my dryer stopped working. 

But when you have 4 kids there is no stopping laundry...it must get done. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought a drying rack. The only thing is right around this time it wasn't very sunny at all so it was taking all day for one load of laundry to dry. Sometimes overnight! 

I almost resorted to going to the laundromat, but I really wanted to avoid that if I could. 

The whole problem had to do with our bathroom remodel that we did in 2016. We had run into a little issue with the electrical, but Michael talked with a friend who was an electrician and he found out what to do, but come to find out that obviously didn't really cut it. Thankfully Michael is awesome and put the wires in a metal junction box so it didn't burn our house down. It did however fry the wire and made it so I couldn't use my dryer. Michael had some contacts with the company that did our electrical for our jetted tub and since Michael knew the previous owner they gave us a screaming deal with only charging us $98 per hour for labor. They also fit us in earlier then they initially said so that was a plus too. We weren't going to be home when they stopped by to do the work so Michael had all these signs pointing to the places they would need to know. Right when they opened the garage door he had a sign on the floor pointing to the left where the junction box is. Then an arrow pointing to the right where the breaker box is. The junction box isn't accessible when the garage door is open though so they needed to shut it. So Michael also had signs pointing to the correct garage door opener since we have two and if they hit the wrong one they would have dropped the Lego table on the trailer. It was so funny when I walked in that evening to a sign that the electrician had made himself with the scrap wire.  

It was so nice to be able to do more than one load of laundry a day and feel safe knowing our house wasn't going to burn down. :)