Monday, July 9, 2018

Jack's 10th Birthday Party!

For each of our kids 10th birthdays we will pay to go somewhere for their party. For Owen's birthday he chose GameWorks in Seattle. Jackson chose to go to Laser Quest in Federal Way. Thankfully I found a Groupon for birthday parties for $140 for 10 kids to play 2 games. 

Have a Zappy Birthday Jack!

Jackson wanted to play one game first and then break to eat dinner and then play the last game. I think all the kids were a little beat after that first game. It was about 7pm by the time they all ate. 

Mr. Hans was our bartender for the night! :) 

Me and two of my three girls...just missing Rachael. My truest closest friends. Love you ladies!! 

Feeling better now that they have food in their bellies! 

Cute smiley boy! At first I didn't think that Zeke would want to play...he's so little! But Michael wanted him to so he did and of course he LOVED it! 

Jackson with his friend Kane from school and then Josiah and Andrew! 

Hansi...Jack's best bud from church! 

Owen with his best bud from school...Jordan! 

Ella and Caitlynn....neither of them actually played Laser tag, but that didn't stop them from having fun. 

The girls had the best time spending quarter to get fun trinkets...Ella especially loves the chokers! 

Caleb and Christina came up all the way from Graham in Friday night traffic to be there for Jack. 

Gift time...

Hansi got Jack two new BeyBlade Burst. 

Andrew & Josiah also got Jack a Beyblade Burst....even though it was the same as one Hansi got him he didn't care. He was fine with having a duplicate Bey! 

Caleb got him the Dangerous Book for Boys and a package of all the red flavored Jolly Ranchers. Cherry is his favorite so he loved that! 

Kane got him this awesome Nerf gun and Sour Cotten Candy. 

Jordan got him two BeyBlades as well. Jackson LOVES BeyBlades! 

After opening gifts it was off to play the next game. After the second game the kids got to eat their cupcakes. 

Jackson had a great time, but I will say from my point of view everything was SO rushed! We had to hurry Jack when he was opening his gifts, we had to hurry to eat the cupcakes since our time in the room was almost over. I think I'm just so used to having all the time in the world since we have parties at home that it just felt wrong. I'm so happy he had fun though, but I don't think I would recommend a birthday party at Laser Quest.