Saturday, July 7, 2018

Jack's Actual Birthday!

Jack's actual birthday was on Tuesday, June 5th. We weren't having his birthday party until Friday so we gave him our present on his actual birthday. 

We normally let the kids pick what to have for dinner on their birthday night, but I knew that Jack would pick pizza and we were going to have pizza at his birthday party. I picked the next best thing for Jack...waffles with strawberries and powdered sugar. He loves that!!! 

Back on Black Friday I bought two games at Fred Meyer's because they have the buy one get one free deal on games. I bought the Relay Dash game for Owen that we gave him on his birthday and I bought this Forbidden Island for Jack. When we were having family game night at our house earlier this year our friend Scott introduced us to Forbidden Desert. It was fun so I was excited to know that it was similar to Forbidden Desert since I didn't really know anything about the game when I first bought it. 

Last year I also had an Usborne Book party and I bought these Bear Grylls adventure books for Jack. He loves that sort of stuffy. It was a set of 4...Blizzard Challenge, Desert Challenge, Jungle Challenge and Ocean Challenge. 

The funniest thing about the books was when Owen said, "Jack when you're done with those I want to read those books about Bare Girls". He's so phonetic when he reads! I about died!!! 

We played the game right after he opened his gift and it was fun. It was much faster than Forbidden Dessert and a bit more simple. On the next Black Friday I'm definitely going to buy Forbidden Dessert so we'll have both of them.