Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Last Day Of School 2018!

Wednesday, June 20th was the last day of school for the kids. 

When I had printed out the teacher gift tags I remembered that I needed to also print out the kids first day of school pictures. I like to have them hold their first day of school pictures on their last day of school. 

Poor Ella Bean woke up with her face swollen. The day before she had field day so I think it was either from something she encountered outside or it was from the sunscreen she put on her face. Of course she was a total emotional girl and was crying saying she didn't want to go to school. I gave her an allergy pill and thankfully by the time I picked her up from school it had already improved. 

I can't believe my Zeke boy has finished his first year of school! 

Jackson thought it was quite fun that he just happened to wear a Spiderman shirt on the last day of school since he wore a Spiderman shirt on the first day of school. 

I have a middle schoolers! That's just nuts! 

This is the real life shot! 

And this is the staged shot! 

I love this shot! 

My monkey or sloth is all done!!! 

Ella with her friend Riley! 

We got a picture with Ella's speech therapist Mrs. Phyall. We love her!! 

My favorite part of the last day of school. The bus drivers honk their horns and all the teachers stand and wave. 

The boys were waiting for me by the parent circle. 

Since the older boys teachers don't walk them out anymore we had to go back inside so I could get a picture. We found Ms. East right away. 

She is actually moving to another school closer to home. I'm happy for her, but sad that none of my kids will be taught by her. 

We actually weren't able to locate Mr. Herman so Owen didn't get a picture with his teacher. 

Ella earned a trophy at the assembly since she was the top girl runner in the whole first grade class. 

After I picked up the kids at school we went home and got all packed up and ready to go to the beach. Then we left to pick up Michael at work so we could go to lunch. Since Michael drives a company car he can't drive it for personal use. 

This was the first time the kids got to see Daddy at work as the Big Boss. 

He was totally embarrassed that I wanted to take a picture of him. The ladies in the office loved it though.

His name is on the window now! 

Our tradition for lunch on the last day is to go to Dairy Queen for the $5 lunch. 

We all got chicken strips except this guy got a BBQ burger. 

We always eat lunch first and then go up and get our ice cream treats. 

Owen was so proud of himself for licking his ice cream cone so little. 

After that we head out to Coulon Park...the kids favorite beach. 

Normally we go to Seahurst, but the kids didn't want to be in salt water. 

This girl hates salt makes her itchy! 

She was so excited to be at the beach. 

I'm not even sure we made it to the beach last summer....maybe once, but not more than that! 

Digging and digging! 

Even though the weather doesn't look nice and really felt warm. 

This was Michael's first time coming with us to the beach...he hates the beach. He does not like lake water and he gets bored just laying around. 

Thankfully I brought the beach provided just enough shade so Michael made it 2 hours. 

I also brought snacks to keep the kids happy. 

After we had been there an hour or so the sun started to really break through the clouds. 

The kids could have been at the beach all day long, but then Daddy enticed them with a surprise. 

Incredibles 2!!!! 

It was a great way to start summer!!!!