Thursday, July 5, 2018

Charlie Update!

Charlie is 2 years old now!! He is such a cat! He ignores us most of the time and spends more time outside than in. But we love that furry beast so much! 

His favorite place to lay when he's inside is under the coffee table. 

I wasn't feeling good after a medical procedure and Charlie laid with me for hours. It was so sweet! 

Also since it's summer he's back at his killing game. This was his latest and greatest...a mole!!! That's Owen's foot for comparison. Charlie has now killed 8 different species...

Mouse - Rat - Shrew - Snake - Bird - Rabbit - Squirrel - Mole

He's a killing machine! The craziest thing is he kills them and brings them home of course and then we see them in the morning and then later...sometimes only an hour or so...they are gone! Charlie is most definitely feed something else in our neighborhood. 

He is our pretty puddy boy!